Top 6 Billionaires living simple lifestyle

To be a billionaire is everyone’s dream. Being a billionaire you can live a life that you dream. Travelling around the world, buying an expensive car, you can even own a private jet. But here are a few Billionaires who choose modest life instead of luxurious lifestyle.

1) David Green


The Founder of Hobby Lobby, net worth $5.8 billion chooses fly coach instead of expensive trips. He spend most of his money in charity works.

2) Azim Premji


The Chairman of Wipro, the 3rd richest man in India has net worth $16.4 billion. He is always concerned with company’s resources. He remembers the employees to always switch of the lights while leaving the premises.

3) Mark Zuckerberg


The CEO of Facebook, the youngest billionaire always prefer wearing jeans, shirts and sandals over expensive suites.

4) Sergey Brin


An Internet entrepreneur and a computer scientist is the Cofounder of special projects in Google. He still look at the prices before ordering any dish.

5) Christy Walty


The Co Chairman of Children’s Scholarship Fund has a net worth of 6 billion USD donated their house to the International Community foundation and raised her son in an 1896 Victorian home located in California.

6) Warren Buffet


The chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway has net worth 76.4 billion USD doesn’t even carry a mobile phone.

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