The One Word That Can Instantly Change Your Mood


Everyone want to stay happy and energetic all the time. In day to day life, you may come across different situations, some might be tough and some might be easy. But in all these situations, it is necessary to for everyone to take care of their mental health. Just imagine if there is some way you could change your mood instantly! Here is it for you! The word is Pleasure!!

1) Have a trigger

Next time you have a coffee or a lunch, pause yourself for a second and consider the word pleasure! And now you start eating your meal,  you would enjoy it to the fullest.

2) Set Reminders

This may sound weird, but yes! It will work. Set an alarm for every 2 hours with a word Pleasure. When it pops up, trust, me you will feel better. It is an alarm to remind you to be happy and enjoy everything you do.

3) Tune into your senses

We all live a good life with good people around us. So enjoy those positive aspects of your life. When you wear good cloth, or when you lay down in your cozy bed, enjoy all these small elements by reminding you the word ‘pleasure’.

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