6 Ways to hack your learning process for sustainable personal growth


In this hyper-competitive business landscape, nothing is as important as knowledge. Knowledge is the actual power of a human! To stand out of the crowd and rise above the competition, it is necessary to boost up your skills.

Traditional way of learning will not work in this advanced era, instead you need to find alternate methods to hack the learning process. Here are 6 different way to hack your learning process for sustainable personal growth.

1) Ask questions

No matter how influential your role is, embrace the opportunity to question everything. You can gain deeper level of understanding only if you seek further information.

2) Use new tools

Technology has many advanced options for you to learn in different forms and ways. Explore new platforms and analyze which tools work perfectly for you. Signup for online courses, subscribe for blogs, newsletters, watch TED Talk, and attend conferences held across the world, so on.

3) Leverage the margin in your life

Everyone have the same 24 hours in a day. Analyze times where you are not productive and use that time to expand your knowledge.

4) Experiment to see the result

You will learn only if you practice what you have learnt.  Never be scared of failures. Apply what you have learnt to see your progress. It’s just like solving a mathematical equation. When you read it, you understand all the steps, when you do it, you might get stuck.

5) Build a reference library

As you start to gain knowledge constantly from a set of content, try to organize them in a folder so that you can use it for later references.

6) Be the latest version of yours

The world is introducing so many technologies that it is hard to keep us on track every day. Learn about the technologies and analyze how it could help your business growth.

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