6 Easy Tricks To Make Yourself Wake Up Earlier


young woman with alarm clock in bed

Most people among us are not a morning person. But, waking up early in the morning have a lot of advantages. This habit gives us time to meet the day’s demands easily. Most successful people do wake up early in the morning but, yes! It is difficult for most of us to pull us out of bed. Here are few tricks to make yourself wake up earlier:

1) Wake up 1 minute earlier each day

Try to wake up 1 minute earlier than you do. Instead of setting alarm for 6:00 am. Make it 5:59. Continue this process every day. Gradually you can wake up at 5:30 in a month easily.

2) Assign official meeting early morning

Set an early meeting with any of your early risers in the morning. This can create accountability and consistency. When you have something to do really important our body tends to wake up early before the alarm rings.

3) Create a suitable environment

Create a compelling environment that pull you out from the bed. Place your alarm clock away from your hand reach. Set your coffee timer so that you get coffee when you wake up.

4) Troubleshoot your faulty morning routine

Analyze what are the factors that cause you fail to wake up in the morning. Try to find out right measures to fix it and follow.

5) Create an interesting task in the morning

Create an interesting task that will motivate you to jump up from your bed. This won’t provoke you to hit on the snooze button for several times.

6) Believe you are a morning person

Self-belief is the primary factor that motivates you to do different task. In the same way, convince yourself that you are a morning person and it is easy for you to wake up early

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