The 6 Biggest Lies Holding You Back From Happiness


Our thoughts become our beliefs. You might be a healthy person talented in work, But when you think you are not worth enough, then it becomes your belief. Never let your negative thoughts invade your future. Here are 6 things that holds you back from being happy.

1) ‘He’ or ‘she’ will change

Of course, people around us play important role in our life. Everyone are different in every aspects. Some may be good in a way  and some may be bad. In such cases, we sometimes desperately want them to change for one or the other reason.  This would at last make you sad.

2) I will do it ‘one day’

Every one among us have this slogan in the back of head. Some would like to travel, some dream to start a business, some dream to write a novel and so on. But realise, there is never a tomorrow better than today. Always plan for the present because present is all we have got.

3) If I had more time I would do ‘x y z’

It is the human tendency to blame everything on time. But the fact is there is enough and more time for all your official and personal activities if you use it well. Nothing is going to change even if you get 30 hours a day. So plan for everyday and act accordingly to feel the change.

4) If I had ‘X’, my life would have been better

There will be one or the other factor to pull us down from being happy. Most of us are not satisfied with are present life even if we have everything that we dream’t. Try to appreciate yourself for what you are and be motivated to achieve your future goals.

5) I am not ready for ‘this’

No one is ready for anything in the present. All are waiting for an apt time and they waste time in the present doing nothing. If you are interested in something, make it practical. Take at least one step and begin it. Don’t be afraid of failure.

6) I am not good enough to do ‘this’

This is the biggest spoiler of all. You first have to believe in yourself before doing something.  You are good enough to achieve your goals. Everyone deserve to be happy and you being alive is enough to stay happy.

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