The 5 Biggest Time Wasters For New Entrepreneurs!


Being a new entrepreneur requires a lot of effort. It may be sometimes stressful to manage everything well.  Here are some ways new entrepreneurs waste time.

1) Improvisation

The new entrepreneurs would have multiple task and responsibilities to manage and they would be frequently pulled in multiple directions throughout the day. It would make them hard to accomplish and so it is important to set your main priorities. Sketch out the priorities and fulfill them according to the schedule.

2) Email Management

It’s natural to get caught up in communication if you open your email all the day. This can distract you from accomplishing the tasks. So make the communication consolidated so that you don’t get distracted.

3) Delegation

New entrepreneurs do not trust anyone that easily. They are not happy to assign task to people and they hate others taking away their ideas. Firstly, realize one alone cannot run a business until he have a super brain power or something. So hire people with good skills and assign them the task. You can do the work which you are perfect at.

4) Unnecessary meetings

Meetings are of course useful and important for new entrepreneurs. But it consumes more time that you won’t get enough time for the other work. So, categorize the meetings according to the importance and assign any of your staff members to attend the random meetings and to report back with notes.

5) New Ideas

Most of the new entrepreneurs are creative and inventive but they tend to be distracted by many new directions.decoding_change-21

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